I am Thomas Pascoe, and this summer I shall be going on pilgrimage, walking the via Francigena – a 1,155 mile route between Canterbury and Rome –  following as closely as possible the route taken by Archbishop Sigeric in 990.

This blog aims to give an outline of the motivations behind, and the experiences on that journey. In addition, I will be writing a report on the correlation between the apparent prima facie link between Catholicism and acceptance of the European Union as a supra-national institution. I hope, also, to record those findings here.

I am particularly indebted to the kindness of the Peter Kirk European Travel Scholarship scheme, of which I am a fortunate recipient. More details may be found via the link on the right.

  1. Aussie Tim (Dr Tim Smith)
    September 12, 2010 at 5:33 am

    Thomas a’Pascoe …. am supremely impressed by your enterprise. Following your blog vividly describes the selected aspects and locales you see fit to share, enabling the reader to stride, amble, stumble every step with you. I could say it’s a privelege to join you on your pilgrimage from the relative comfort of an ergomatic computer desk chair in the Antipodes …. both of which would definitely have been alien territory for the ancient Archbishop of 900AD. Certainly the vice of ‘envy’ rears its head, especially in Baroque Italy. Flippancy aside, well done Thomas. I am seriously edified. Think of me if you get to Assisi (one of my lifetime ambitions.) Tim

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